Fundamental Practices of AdvanCN

Fundamental Practices of Advancians


Advancians practice belief and action alignment to achieve self-perfection -- the selection of actions that result in positive long-term effects from diet and nutrition to social, economic, and political policy and governance. 


What are Advancians' beliefs, practices, and life-style? 


Our Beliefs

We believe in the Ineffable God and his natural/divine Laws.

We believe in the Good sacred scriptures: 

     Jesus said, "...I have said unto you aforetime: 'Be ye as skilful money-changers. Take the good, throw the bad away.'  Books of the Saviour Chapter 134

We believe in God's mysteries and revelation of the Heavens and the Multiverse.

We believe our actions are within the books of judgement, and that we are accountable for every action and inaction --  we, each individual, are and should be held accountable.

We believe in Jesus Christ, but will not ask him to bear our sins, we through the grace of God like Jesus, will pick up the cross and bear our own sins and request God's mercy and forgiveness - only God is our Lord, and Jesus our brother - "May we be found worthy".

We believe in the grace of God - perfection through reincarnation of the circuit:     

Jesus said, "... The man who hath come forth out of the body,--if the name of this mystery is pronounced on his behalf, they will hasten quickly to bring him over and hand him over one to another, until they bring him before the Virgin of Light. And the Virgin of Light will seal him with a higher. seal, which is this [ . . .?], and in that month will she let him light down into the righteous body [lower/place his light/soul down into a righteous body] which will find the godhead in truth and the higher mystery, so that he inherit the Light-kingdom. This, therefore, is the gift of the third mystery of the Ineffable..."   Books of the Saviour - Chapter 98

We do not condone blind faith, nor acceptance of anything without complete examination and investigation -- we believe in understanding all things down to its fundamental elements and logic.

We believe science, the study of God, the study of nature is essential to understanding our creator.

We believe one should question all things, including God and faith.


Our Practices

God placed within all knowledge of right and wrong. Right yields a positive, constructive effect, sin does not.

Every action must either be benign or result in a positive effect for ourselves and all beings.

Every error must be corrected.


Life-style and diet

The Advancian diet consists of an optimal health plan and best practices -- the consumption of:

  • Living natural foods
  • Non-processed foods without genetic modification when seasonally possible
  • Foods without animal products: flesh or byproducts such as milk
    The consumption of animal-based products is not condoned because the act of animal consumption is either theft and/or slavery, thereby a negative/destructive action, which manifests in the body, over-time, as disease.


Sin Advancians must never engage in:

  • Rape (Adults and/or Children)
  • Lying, and the concealment of and/or dissemination of false Information 
  • Murder (this includes war)
  • Mental or physical abuse of any type
  • Gluttony
  • Usury
  • Slavery or subjugation of another being
  • Any and all unfair practices that would endanger harmonious communication and actions