What is AdvanCN?

What is AdvanCN?


AdvanCN was founded in 2010, as a divine order, education institute, and a developer of social and economic initiatives.

Advancians believe in the Sacred Teachings of Jesus and Jesus' teachings within the Holy Bible that comply with Jesus' Sacred Teachings. The Sacred Teachings are the mysteries Jesus taught his disciples during his ministry and upon his resurrection. The teachings within the sacred scriptures delineate the revelation of the heavens, the process and purpose for creation, and defines the existence of God. 

Jesus' Sacred Teachings existed prior to and are vastly different than the teachings of the Roman Empire, which amalgamated Judaism and Jesus' Gnostic ideology with pagan Roman beliefs, that resulted in the Roman Catholic Church and Christianity. 

We also believe knowledge, education, and science are vital to understanding who we are and what God is and desires us to achieve.



Our mission is to unify believers in God (regardless of their religious designation), for a peaceful reformation of unjust laws, policies, and exploitive economic and social systems to enable fulfillment of the peace prophecies for the advancement and ascendance of mankind.


Peace Pledge

All Advancians adhere to the AdvanCN oath -- our pledge of peace:

"We dedicate our lives, our fortunes, and sacred honor to ensure the inalienable rights of all beings are upheld. 

We take up the oath to ensure the freedom of mankind.

We shall not be found corrupt, nor destructive in our pursuits, nor abusive of any being." 



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Learning about Jesus' Biblical and Sacred Teachings doesn't have to be -- well, boring. Nor, confined to a pew, nor irrelevant to your current challenges.


We teach to ensure you truly understand the Bible and the Sacred Mysteries so that you can aid in ministry.

Spiritual Services are live online open discussion sessions that you can attend at your convenience, when you need your questions answered.


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Services Time (CST)


8:00 pm to 10:00 pm 

Sundays 10:00 am to Noon 


We offer spiritual based counseling services to help you conquer life's challenges, so you can work alongside us to help fulfill God's Divine Plan and your personal life mission. Learn more about Spiritual Counseling at Control Key Life Style

Jesus resurrection 

Member Services (Donation Based)
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Spiritual Services:: Bereavement | Marriage & Relationship Counsel | Prayer | Anger & Effect Manage | Healthy Life Style Choices | Weight Loss

Forums: Questioning Belief - Will I go to Heaven? ... What happens when I die? ... Does God Care?  MORE...

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Contact Information

Founder and Chief Trustee: Wrina Iamwe - Ext. 361

Chief Board of Directors: Mark J. Hirmer - Ext 363

Phone: (312) 274-5055

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Our Websites

Level 1 AdvanCN Religious Order http://AdvanCN.org
Level 1b Ordination Institute Education Institute http://OrdinationInstitute.org
Level 1c NFP Initiatives 501c3 - Secular organization for nonprofit projects and initiatives http://NFPInitiatives.org

     Level 2

Control Key Spiritual counseling and life management assistance http://ControlKeyLifestyle.com
     Level 2 Advancian 

Systemic Reform Movement 

Strategic plan for social, economic, and political reform

          Level 3 Community.AdvanCN.org Communication portal for Members (public) http://Community.AdvanCN.org
          Level 3 My.NFPInitiatives.org Communication portal for Donors http://My.NFPInitiatives.org
          Level 3 Community.Advancian.org Communication portal for Systemic Reform Members (public) http://Community.Advancian.org


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