Is killing condoned by God?

Is Killing Condoned By God?


Killing is the diliberate ending of a being's life prior to the completion of the natural cycle of life: birth,  growth and development, decline, and death. The death of an individual prior to the body’s natural end is the killing of the individual, regardless of the method used. Those who kill (hinder the natural cycle of life) are murderers.

In chapter 145 (see below) of the Sacred Teachings of Jesus Christ, Jesus teaches us that the souls of murderers will be destroyed. Thus, they do not inherit Heaven, therefore, murderers, those who violate the law of the process of life, are not the children of God.

Should God's Children Fight in War?

God allows beings the right of defense. However, most wars are to procure resources (land theft). It is best for man to ensure they communicate and work together to ensure the needs of all people are met. If you fight in a war, you must be sure that your actions are defensive, that your party is not the aggressor, and that you truly understand why you are fighting. All peaceful options must be exhausted.

There is only one escape from destruction for murderers -- repent and be invested with the royal vesture of the mysteries of the vestures of the Ineffable and those of the First Mystery (see the sacred scripture below).


The process Murderers undergoes:

  • Yaldabaoth – binds soul to a great demon - 3 days circling the world
  • Region of Cold and Snow -3 years 6 months
  • Chaos  before Yaldabaoth  and 49 demons (scourgeth it ) - 3 years 6 months
  • Chaos  before Persephone (take vengeance) - 3 years 6 months
  • Midst – All rulers on the way of the midst chastizeth - 3 years 6 months
  • Virgin Light – Judges righteous and sinners
  • Sphere turneth
  • Virgin commands the soul be Cast into the outer darkness  - until darkness of the midst is upraised (the consummation of the universe)
  • Soul Destroyed and dissolved

Likewise, blasphemers (Chapter. 146)  and homosexuals (Chapter. 147) are destroyed and dissolved; however, the processes are different. 




Books of the Saviour

translated by G. S. R. Mead


Mary said: "Woe, woe, unto sinners!"

Salome answered and said: "My Lord Jesus, a murderer who hath never committed any sin but murdering, if he cometh out of the body, what is his chastisement?

Jesus answered and said: "A murderer who hath never committed any sin but murdering, if his time is completed through the sphere, that he cometh out of the body, the receivers of Yaldabaōth come and lead his soul out of the body and bind it by its feet to a great demon with a horse's face, and he spendeth three days circling round with it in the world.

"Thereafter they lead it into the regions of the cold and of the snow, and they take vengeance on it there three years and six months.

"Thereafter they lead it down into the chaos before Yaldabaōth and his forty-and-nine demons, and every one of his demons scourgeth it another three years and six months.

"Thereafter they lead it down into the chaos before Persephonē and take vengeance on it with her chastisements another three years and six months.

"Thereafter they carry it on to the way of

the midst, and every one of the rulers of the way of the midst taketh vengeance on it with the chastisements of its regions another three years and six months.

"Thereafter they lead it unto the Virgin of Light, who judgeth the righteous and the sinners, that she may judge it. And when the sphere turneth itself, she commandeth that it shall be cast into the outer darkness until the time when the darkness of the midst shall be upraised; it [the soul] will be destroyed and dissolved.

"This is the chastisement of the murderer."