What is the Counterfeit Spirit?

What is the Counterfeit Spirit?


When we understand Jesus' Biblical and Sacred Gnostic teachings, we understand the purpose of our existence is to remove the counterfeit spirit from ourselves, to ensure our perfection and ascendance.

Removal of the Counterfeit Spirit is to separate one's self from the part of one's self that condones corruption or that acts destructively.

"If then the soul shall have uttered the mystery of the undoing of the seals and of all the bonds of the counterfeiting spirit, and if it (Counterfeit Spirit) ceaseth to come into the soul and ceaseth to be bound to it (Soul), then it (soul) uttereth in that moment a mystery and releaseth the destiny to its region to the rulers who are on the way of the midst. And it (soul) uttereth the mystery and releaseth the counterfeiting spirit to the rulers of the Fate to the region in which it was bound to it.

"And in that moment it (soul) becometh a great light-stream, shining exceedingly, and the retributive receivers who have led it forth out of the body, are afraid of the light of that soul and fall on their faces. And in that moment that soul becometh a great light-stream, it becometh entirely wings of light, and penetrateth all the regions of the rulers and all the orders of the Light, until it reacheth the region of its kingdom up to which it hath received mysteries. Sacred Teachings of Jesus Christ Chp 112


The counterfeit Spirit Jesus speaks of is also mentioned within the bible, Genesis 3:15


     And I will put enmity Between you and the woman, And between your seed and her seed; He shall bruise you on the head, And you shall bruise him on the heel."


The counterfeit spirit is akin to the physical and mental prompts one receives -- the voice in one's minds that sways and tempts. The counterfeit spirit bruises of our heads. A bruise is the result of an action that was not constructive or damaging to the body. When we fight back, we remove the counterfeit spirit, which is attached to us like a shadow -- it cannot be seen unless we are in the light. Our shadow is conceptually attached to the heels of our feet. The bible is filled with real-word based allegory.



To ensure ascendance one must perfect self.

  • If we are to perfect self we must be conscientious
  • To be conscientious we must have time to reflect and to educate ourselves
  • To ensure the conscience development of mankind there must be truth and peace
  • Truth and peace can only be assured if transparent and equitable systems are in place to ensure it
  • A transparent and equitable system will only be achieved when mankind fulfills the ancient prophecies and builds "The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil". 

Within the Bible (Zachariah 4 and 5) "the Seven Eyes of God" and "the House of Iniquity" -- and the Iron Scepter (Revelation 2) -- are the prophecies that foretell the return of "the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil",  and the revelation that ensures equality and fulfillment of the promised peace to ensure the ascendance of mankind.


Beyond Ascendance

To ascend one must know where they are ascending to – thus, knowledge of the mysteries of the heavens, a map, is required. 

And Jesus answered and said unto Mary:... "...Every one giveth unto them his seal of his mystery, and they pass into the interior of them all and go to the region of the inheritances of the Light; and every one bideth in the region up to which he hath received mysteries in the inheritances of the light..." |  Sacred Teachings of Jesus Christ  Chapter 86


Within the sacred mysteries, Jesus details the mysteries that reveal the depths of the heavens, the earth, and Hades -- the realms within and without.

To ascend to the Light-land, beyond the heavens, knowledge of the sacred mysteries is required, prior to the consummation of the universe:


Chapter 84

And Jesus answered and said unto Mary: "...Every one of the invisibles is nine times greater than the heaven and the sphere above it and the twelve æons all together, as I have already said unto you at another time. And no light existeth in this world which is more excellent than the light of the sun. Amēn, amēn, I say unto you: The four-and-twenty invisibles shine ten-thousand times more than the light of the sun which is in this world, as I have already said unto you at another time. For the light of the sun in its shape in truth is not in this world, for its light pierceth through many veils and regions. But the light of the sun in its shape in truth, which is in the region of the Virgin of Light, shineth ten-thousand times more than the four-and-twenty invisibles and the great invisible forefather and also the great triple-powered god, as I have already said unto you at another time.

"Now, therefore, Mary, there is no form in this world, nor any light, nor any shape, which is comparable to the four-and-twenty invisibles, so that I may liken it to them. But yet a little while and I will lead thee and thy brethren and fellow-disciples into all the regions of the Height and will lead you into the three spaces of the First Mystery, save only the regions of the space of the Ineffable, and ye shall see all their shapes in truth without similitude.

"And if I lead you into the height and ye shall see the glory of them of the height, then will ye be in very great amazement..."

Sacred Teachings of Jesus Christ - Chapter 84



It came to pass then, when Jesus had finished speaking these words unto his disciples, that Mary Magdalene started forward and said: "My Lord, be not wroth with me if I question thee, because we question thee concerning all with precision."

And Jesus answered and said unto Mary: "Question concerning what thou desirest to question, and I will reveal it unto thee in openness without similitude, and all concerning which thou questionest, I will say unto thee with precision and certainty. I will perfect you in all power and all fulnesses, from the interior of the interiors to the exterior of the exteriors, from that Ineffable to the darkness of darknesses, so that ye shall be called 'the fulnesses perfected in all gnoses.' Now, therefore, Mary, question concerning what thou mayest question, and I will reveal it to thee with great joy and great exultation."

It came to pass then, when Mary had heard the Saviour say these words, that she rejoiced in exceedingly great joy and exulted, and said: "My Lord, will then the men of the world who have received the mysteries of the Light, be superior to the emanations of the Treasury in thy kingdom? For I have heard thee say: If I lead you into the region of those who have received the mysteries of the Light, then will the region of the [emanations of the] Light-land count for you as a speck of dust because of the great distance in which it is distant from it, and because of the great light in which it is,'--that is the Light-land is the Treasury, the region of the emanations,--will therefore then, my Lord, the men who have received the mysteries, be superior to the Light-land and superior to those [emanations] in the kingdom of the Light?"

Sacred Teachings of Jesus Christ - Chapter 85