Does God Intervene?

Does God Intervene?

Communion with God

God may allow communication -- the transmission of knowledge for our education, but God does not interfere with the will nor the actions of mankind.
If God were to intervene, man would not be accountable for their actions, as the intervention would violate the law of free will and effect.

God does not violate the laws created by God.


 ...He is imperishable and has no likeness (to anything). He is unchanging good. He is faultless. He is eternal. 

He is blessed. While he is not known, he ever knows himself. He is immeasurable. He is untraceable. 
He is perfect, having no defect. He is imperishability blessed. He is called 'Father of the Universe'"... | Sophia of Jesus Christ (SJC) Paragraph 8


Man (inclusive of women) has free will so that God may determine with empirical evidence, who and what we are -- based on our actions, for the judgment.


The judgment is the measure of our perfection or imperfection to determine if we are worthy to inherit the Light Land of the Heavens, or to be reincarnated, or permanently exiled.


The belief that God would exist on the earth or intervene with man would result in God being imperfect. The earth, which Jesus states, is of the eighth realm, is in the state of living death. Both life and death, two extreme opposites, are at play. Yet, there is a state of non-existence prior to our birth. Are the states of death and pre-materialization the same? Is death the entry to another portal?

We are in the state of non-material existence far longer than we are in the state of materialization, if one does not believe in reincarnation.


God is not at fault for the effects that result from the actions of man, nor the effects of the material universe resulting from the interference of mankind.

Knowledge, just as food, must be sought.


  1. Unnatural disasters resulting from building one's home too close to water or rivers -- due to the desire or need to possess or own land.
    Ownership of the earth is an impossible and destructive man-made concept.
  2. War is not an act of God, but the inability of mankind to work together collaboratively.
  3. Death due to accidents or abuses are not acts of God, but the flawed/imperfect actions of man.


The planet earth is a mechanical construct that acts with precision within the universe. Earth is the place where souls reside in material form. The longevity of the earth and it's natural processes takes precedence over the imperfect beings upon it -- this is evident in the lifespan of creatures upon the earth verse the seemingly eternal existence of the earth.

We must learn to live within the constraints of -- to bow to -- the Laws of Nature which are Divine -- or be defeated by them.


We must know all the Laws and effects of Nature and the elements it makes use of.
Thus, we must study not only scripture but science -- as s
cience is the study of God's laws and their natural/divine effects.

God has provided mankind with all that we need. It is up to man to use it (our minds and resources) correctly.