How does one become an Advancian?

How does one become an Advancian? 


All people and beings are the product of the creator, and thus, the children of God. Anyone who dedicates themself to self-perfection, peace, harmony, and knowledge can be an Advancian.

Advancian leaders within the AdvanCN Order undergo biblical and sacred knowledge study and examination to ensure their understanding of the mysteries and a public survey is conducted to ensure their compliance with Divine Laws.

Sacred knowledge study is conducted with the Holy Bible (NIV), and the Books of the Saviour.

Who can apply for AdvanCN leadership?

  • You must be 18 years or older
  • You must believe in God
  • Race: All races are accepted
  • Gender: All genders are accepted


 Who can not apply?

Individuals who condone or engage in rape (children or adults), war, killing (with exception only to self-defense), infliction of pain, lies, homosexuality, secret societies, hide knowledge that could adversely affect another, the charging of interest, or inequality of any form are encouraged to study Jesus' sacred teachings, but will not be considered for an Advancian designation.


Cost of membership

There is a monthly membership donation to support the work of the organization, from $20 per month (this donation can be voided for volunteer hours). Study of the sacred mysteries is provided to all who wish to study.


Advancian Designation

  • Advancian – any individual who attempts or strives for self-perfection (without designation)
  • Pledge – is a student of biblical text and the Sacred Teachings (insignia level two)
  • Master – have passed the Truth Examination (insignia level three)
  • Theologian – have completed both biblical and sacred knowledge study and are designated teachers of the sacred mysteries.
  • Ph.D. – have profound insight into the sacred scriptures that was previously unknown.
  • Trustee – is an officeholder within the order.
    Trustees may not have been found criminally guilty, of a civil or criminal offense of sexual abuse or sexual immorality (including taking of a wife or husband before the age of understanding of truth and right -- without full knowledge no one can willingly give of themselves), lying, theft (inclusive of slavery), or murder.

    To file a complaint against a Trustee or Member please send a detailed complaint to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
    You will receive a complaint confirmation. An investigation will be conducted and a response with any action taken will be sent to you and all appropriate parties, and registered in the Membership Directory for public admonition.


AdvanCN Membership

  1. Members should complete the Conscience Level Assessment, and
  2. Meet with a member of our staff online or in-person (Request an online Meeting)

You must apply to the Board of Directors and be accepted by a Pledge of the Order to begin directed study of the sacred mysteries.

You may also study on your own and apply to take the Truth Confirmation.

To apply, send a personal statement of belief and bio (without omissions) to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and confirm your submission with a sworn statement.