What is Self-Perfection

What is Self-Perfection


Perfection is that which is compliant with the reason for its creation and thereby the Divine Laws that govern it – natural pain (that which is not inflicted by man, animal, or another being for its own benefit and purpose), is the indicator one is out of compliance with Divine Law.


Self-perfection is the selection of right, good, positive actions that result in constructive effects.

Self-perfection is the act of doing what is right for self and community, as well as our ecological and social and economic systems to ensure the constructive balance of our effects with the varied dynamics of life -- our cumulative effects are to be constructive and non-predatory.


Man is not inherently evil, evil is a conscious and deliberate choice -- made from ignorance.

Ignorance is the failure to acknowledge destructive effects, or the failure to acknowledge destruction effects gained through insight or observance of others.


Every action is deliberate -- regardless if we know the effect that will result.

Therefore, it is important to share and to teach the effects which result from actions, that we may correct our actions, perspective, and beliefs.