What are the Sacred Scriptures and what is their role?

What are the Sacred Scriptures and what is their role?


The sacred texts are prophecies and mysteries that reveal the truth of mankind, the heavens, and the divine plans.

Knowledge and insight are required to understand the sacred teachings.

Thus far, AdvanCN recognizes the following works as sacred text (this list may expand as knowledge of ancient text, and discovery of new truths are detected):

  • The Pre-Abrahamic Age of Genesis within the Bible.
  • Scriptures regarding the righting of the 12 tribes, so long as such righting does not violate the right of life – as longevity is required for the education of man, that the soul may right itself.
  • Jesus’ biblical and Gnostic teachings, including the book of Revelation, the Sophia of Jesus Christ, and the Sacred Teachings of Jesus Christ.
  • We also recognize the Gnostic teachings of the Eighth.


Insight is acquired through acknowledgment of Good and Evil – truth of what a thing or action is, based on its effects – without excuse or justification.

“Evil is as evil does.” Actions are good or bad, positive verse negative, constructive verse destructive, based on their end effect, as well as each ripple of the effect from the initial act.



Why have we concluded that these texts are inspired works?

Works that condone killing or destructive acts are not the words of God, nor befitting of God's children who are to be righteous and loving.


When then Jesus had said this, Mary answered and said: "My Lord, if men go to seek and they come upon the doctrines of error, I whence then are they to know whether they belong to thee or not?"

The Saviour answered and said unto Mary: "I have said unto you aforetime: 'Be ye as skilful money-changers. Take the good, throw the bad away.'

"Now, therefore, say unto all men who would seek the godhead: 'If north wind cometh, then ye know that there will be cold; if south wind cometh, then ye know that there will be burning and fervent heat.' Now, therefore, say unto them: 'If ye have known the face of the heaven and of the earth from the winds, then know ye exactly, if then any come now unto you and proclaim unto you a godhead, whether their words have harmonized and fitted with all your words which I have spoken unto you through two up to three witnesses, and whether they have harmonized in the setting of the air and of the heavens and of the circuits and of the stars and of the light-givers and of the whole earth and all on it and of all waters and all in them.' Say unto them: 'Those who shall come unto you, and their words fit and harmonize in the whole gnosis with that which I have said unto you, I will receive as belonging unto us.' This is what ye shall say unto men, if ye make proclamation unto them in order that they may guard themselves from the doctrines of error

Sacred Teachings of Jesus Christ - Chapter 134 


Look into thy-self, the laws of God are written within, and evident based on effects.

Pain is a sign that an act is not right. False positives exist and are detectable by their end effect.

  • Example: The eating of sweets though pleasing to the tongue has long-term effects that if indulged too frequently and to gluttonous effect is destructive to the physical well-being of the man.
  • Example: Sexual intercourse that produces offspring is a false positive. The momentary pleasure results in potentially devastating birth pain, alters the state of the original body, and brings a child into living death (the earth).  The destructive act of birth (the false positive) can ultimately result in a positive if the child learns right from wrong, purifies itself (selects right constructive actions), and achieves ascendance.


"And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel." Genesis 3


 The Counterfeit Spirit of Man

The Good and the Evil -- The combined child of Eve and the Serpent of Knowledge is mankind (mankind's sons and daughters)


I am We



The Counterfeit Spirit


Jesus continued again in the discourse and said: "If on the contrary it is a soul which hath not hearkened unto the counterfeiting spirit in all its works, but hath become good and hath received the mysteries of the Light which are in the second space or even those which are in the third space which is within, when the time [of the coming-forth] of that soul out of the body is completed, then the counterfeiting spirit followeth that soul, it and the destiny; and it followeth it on the way on which it will go above.

"And before it removeth itself above, it uttereth the mystery of the undoing of the seals and all the bonds of the counterfeiting spirit with which the rulers have bound it to the soul; and when it is uttered, the bonds of the counterfeiting spirit undo themselves, and it ceaseth to come into that soul and releaseth the soul according to the commandments which the rulers of the great Fate have commanded it, saying: 'Release not this soul until it tell thee the mystery of the undoing of all the seals with which we have bound thee to the soul.'

"If then the soul shall have uttered the mystery of the undoing of the seals and of all the bonds of the counterfeiting spirit, and if it ceaseth to come into the soul and ceaseth to be bound to it, then it uttereth in that moment a mystery and releaseth the destiny to its region to the rulers who are on the way of the midst. And it uttereth the mystery and releaseth the counterfeiting spirit to the rulers of the Fate to the region in which it was bound to it.

"And in that moment it becometh a great light-stream, shining exceedingly, and the retributive receivers who have led it forth out of the body, are afraid of the light of that soul and fall on their faces. And in that moment that soul becometh a great light-stream, it becometh entirely wings of light, and penetrateth all the regions of the rulers and all the orders of the Light, until it reacheth the region of its kingdom up to which it hath received mysteries. 

Sacred Teachings of Jesus Christ - Chapter 112


If love, truth, wisdom, and righteousness are embraced ascendance will come.

Truth is perceivable, has an air of “right”, which one must analyze to ensure it is truth, without prejudice or alterable based on man-made concepts of ego, materialism, or false ideologies to benefit self, tribe, economically, or for political benefit.

Righteousness is immune to man-made constructs of gender, race, ethnicity, and class biases.