What is the role of the Bible?

What is the role of the Bible?


The Bible is a chronicle of the history of the Jewish tribes (as they perceived it), who believed their destructive actions were right, and the messengers and prophets who tried to save them from themselves.


We believe many of the messengers were inspired by God's Laws of constructive effects, and that some of the prophets were connected to a spiritual force of advanced intelligence. And that Jesus, as he himself states, was not God, but the Son of God (and thereby equivalent to, but not God) -- who was the most advanced teacher of righteousness, whose knowledge encompassed truth about the material realm, the nature of God, the Heavens, and the plan for mankind, our universe, and the multiverse -- the word of God -- Thus Jesus is the King of Kings within any realm.


Within the Bible is allegory, false statements, false gods, false prophets, and truth. 

When one truly knows God (has knowledge of Good and Evil), one sees the truth -- the facts and errors within the Bible.


And the LORD GOD said, "Now the man has now become like one of us knowing good and evil.
He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever…  



The role of the Bible is to gauge our understanding and mindset of Good versus Evil, and provides us with knowledge and examples of the right and the wrong path, which we delineate in full detail in our manifesto -- Amen Code.

Those who see the truth of the (potentially) destructive nature of man and rises above it are truly blessed.


Those who embrace and promote the negative aspect of the bible have read the bible with negative insight,through a destructive heart and mind - they are morally and spiritually corrupt:

  1. Degradation of women and other beings
  2. The enslavement of man
  3. The charging of interest
  4. Sacrifice of other beings
  5. Theft of land and resources
  6. Ownership of man, animals, and land

All the above are destructive acts that have been justified for self-interest and condoned by the church, Israel, and many nations. 

When one graduates into understanding, the role of the bible is the revelation of good and evil, false positives, and false prophets -- in preparation for Jesus' advanced teachings, the sacred mysteries.

If one is not able to see and understand truth (positive and negative, good and evil, what is real verse what is false, right verse wrong) -- one cannot see nor understand the truth of the heavens.

If one does not understand the truth of the heavens, one cannot obtain them.