wrina iamwe
theologist hàlè-economist and systems designer
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The Amen Code confirms the divine rights of the people and sets the foundational standards of theonamic systems.

Amen Code and Advancian's Strategic Plan for Systemic Reform are free online at www.AdvanCN.org.

Wrina Iamwe (ry-na i-am-we) is the founder of AdvanCN and the Advancian Systemic Reform Movement; visionary of the Willit Monetary System; and author of the Amen Code.

Theonamic economic and social systems make use of the foundational principles of natural/divine Law to yield constructive outcomes. Theonamics is based on the foundational stability principles that govern our universe -- its usage in the development of AdvanCN's systemic reform strategies was inspired by Jesus' biblical and sacred teachings.

"My mission is to ensure justice for all mankind, to ensure we all have the economic, social, and political systems required to achieve our full potential that we might create advanced societies free from corruption, war, hatred, and greed, that all may understand love, reject hate, and ascend."

Wrina Iamwe's Systems Designs:

Founder and Advocate
Spiritual and Conscious Development
"If you want to live, live without fear"
  1. Dimensional Plot Charts (Amen Code)
  2. Willit Monetary System processes, standards, and calculations
  3. Hierarchy Framework
  4. Natural Maximum Compensation Process and Principles
  5. APEC Reparations System Processes and Principles
  6. Debt and interest free Credit System Processes and Calculations
  7. Residual Income Structure Process and Principles
  8. Debt Reconciliation Plans
  9. Currency Conversion Process and Principles
  10. Tax Grant Plan
  11. Exchange System Process
  12. Student Compensation Process
  13. 60/30/10 Resource Partition Plan
  14. Resource Usage Efficiency Process
  15. Holistic Systems Integration Gauges and Processes


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