In 2008 I had an experience that changed my life.

Initially, I set out to prove why we should love ourselves, to make the case for systemic social and economic change.

I asked God for Proof of Love.

The father will give you whatever you ask in my name. This is my command: Love each other
john 15:16-17 (NIV)

The moment I asked, I knew my request had been answered.
It was a silent epiphany, an inner knowing.

To describe it -- It’s a moment of complete clarity, one click of a clock that seems more like a day when one thinks back upon it. It’s a moment when you just know. There is no doubt that what you desire will be.

My request was answered with the evidence presented here, in the Amen Code.

After four years of fact checking the evidence, to ensure what I heard was truth and what was visualized real (and not due to madness nor delusion), I am confident in my conclusions, and risk reticule to tell what was revealed. 

The evidence proved far more than what I could have imagined.

This story is true. The evidence is real.


How is this book relevant to my life and every day existence?

The Amen Code provides evidence that God, the Heavens, Death, and Hades are real, that the day of judgement and the consummation of the universe will occur, and that Jesus spoke the truth, not only in the bible, but also in his sacred teachings: the Pistis Sophia and the Sophia (wisdom) of Jesus Christ; which will be explored in detail as we proceed.

The bible as it is taught today has been taught in error. Corruption and misunderstanding of biblical text is confirmed throughout the discourse in the Amen Code.

The clergy who proclaim to know God’s will and Laws have mysteries within their bibles they have not and cannot decipher. If they cannot decipher the mysteries are they in contact with God? As we proceed you will learn that many who teach, only tell half the story. They teach of the material realm.

I tell you the truth, we speak of what we know, and testify to what we have seen, but still you people do not accept our testimony. I have spoken to you of earthly things and you do not believe; how then will you believe if I speak of heavenly things? John 3:11-18 (NIV)

Jesus’ teachings of the heavenly realms are within the Pistis Sophia and Sophia (wisdom) of Jesus Christ. Yet, they were not canonized. As we proceed, you will discover the medieval practitioners hid the truth because they could not provide the signs Jesus requested (signs that could prove their legitimacy) and wished to hide some profound truths that are told in what is now known as the Gnostic Scriptures.

One example that we will explore in detail, is what Jesus tells Peter, after Peter’s protest that Mary is speaking too much. Jesus states that anyone with insight is to speak. Jesus’ statement is not what is promoted by most religious societies. Instead women are told to remain silent and to be submissive to men.

The bible gives us a code to determine who has wisdom and insight. Some believe this scripture to be evil because they do not understand the purpose of the prophecy. It is the truth test, which reflects the state of one’s mind and understanding. One can read the bible with positive or negative insight, which yields wisdom that is constructive or destructive.

The prophecy of Revelation 13:18, was revealed to John through Jesus’ angle. The prophecy speaks of the 666 Beast, yet as we proceed throughout this discourse the beast is the key to unlock the abyss (the hell man falls prey to) and alter our destiny. If one can calculate the beast, one can conquer it: 

This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man’s number. His number is 666. Revelation 13:18 

No scripture is evil. Evil resides within the souls of destructive men that interpret the scriptures and effect the material world negatively.  

The clergy’s misunderstanding of the bible has lead to the promotion of killing and abuses. The killing and abuses by those who proclaim to be “believers” has caused many to reject God.

  Harley Collison of Ottawa: “In my world and billions like me, shortly after my escape from the clutches of anything supernatural which was about the age of 7, I embarked first on my Agnostic adventure….  if the TRUTH be told the book (Bible) does not belong to you. You should be doing nothing with that book period but read and forget it. It does not belong to anyone but the people who wrote it and the majority of them will tell you it is crap from the beginning to the end. He is NOT a white man's GOD nor Islam's GOD. And I should humble my self before that so I can be free. Just won't happen... “

If Revelation 13:18 is taken literally, because the clergy can not decipher Revelation 13:18, nor the mysteries within their Bibles such as the Mystery of Babylon the Great the Mother of Prostitutes in Revelation 17, one must believe those who have preached and taught the Bible, and those who teach today, lack wisdom and insight. As we proceed you will learn the lack of fulfillment of the prophecy of the Great Prostitute proves the clergy has not fulfilled their divine mission, nor do they plans to do so.

Confirmation of God’s existence will aid all men in understanding God, and God's plan for mankind. And prevent the corrupt from exploiting believers, for self-benefit. Thus, those that believe they kill and commit destructive acts for God will have no source of legitimacy. The evidence should also make recruitment of believers difficult for groups, organizations, and corporations who do not benefit society and mankind, because those we profess to believe in God, as you will learn as we proceed must ensure justice. Counter to what is preached, the Amen Code proves believe in God is not enough, actions (which are works) do matter and determine the Heaven or Hades one will reside in.

Thus, one’s destiny and the ascendance of one’s soul are anchored in their actions and beliefs.

In order to ascend one must be conscious – one’s Conscious Level is based on belief.
Beliefs influence what you do, how you act, and think – thereby determining your Conscious Level which affects your eternal soul and the world we reside in.

When we ascend in consciousness we affect our Social, Economic, and Monetary systems, which are based on the beliefs and actions of man as a whole. The systems we make use of have led many to their physical death, as well as to the depravity and destruction of their souls.

When we are conscious our social and economic systems will reflect the truth about ourselves.  Our systems will be just, fair, based in logic, and will allow the individual to be true to themselves, so each person can achieve their full potential, or the darkness and death they perceive will be their end. 

To change our fate, that of the individual and our world, we must know and understand truth and God as intimately as we know and protect the self we hide from the world. 

Decipherment of the mysteries reveals the ancient plans for mankind. This in turn confirms, enables, and unifies man with a common language, goal, and a belief system that is mathematically confirmed.

To achieve the goal for mankind, we must reform our social and economic systems. The plans and solutions to stabilize and secure our systems ensure justice, are compliant with universal Laws, and ensure the conscious development of mankind so we may secure our unity with each other and our creator.

The Amen Code is confirmation of that which is inherently known.

Confirmation of this inherent knowledge should alter how we view ourselves and the world, and determine how we act to affect them both, thereby changing the world we live in and our individual and global fate.

We can pull ourselves from darkness with love of self, the world, and true faith in our creator.

Here within is Truth

     Here within is proof of corruption of Law, the Churches, and Man.

Here within is Love

     Here within is proof of God and Eternal Life.

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