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We recommend that you participate in an online Control Key Life Style group. Once enrolled, the group's Spiritual Advisor will confirm when you are ready to advance to the next stage.
    Your conscious level is determined by your conscience level  - which determines your rank within the heavens.
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  STEP 1a          
  How you feel and your state of mind, affects your perspective and may affect your point of view while answering assessment questions. Noting how you currently feel will help us to analyze your results, and help us to determine what type of services to recommend post assessment.   
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  Step 2    
  Answer the following questions. Then, proceed downward to answer the questions below.  
1 Blind Think-out  
  This field is not required, it is helpful for cause and effect decoding, long-term problem solving, and life improvement.  
  Internal Effects   Select Your Answer  

Do you believe there is a Conscious Creative Force, that is intelligent, has designed all things, is perfect, and is the Supreme Law.
2.1)  Do you believe in creation? (i)

?Do you Self-deprecate?
Select Yes if:

1. Speak negatively of self
2. Have a big ego
3. Regard yourself as better than others
4. Think you are deserving of things - yet, have not worked to obtain them
5. Knowingly perform actions that are destructive of self
2.2)  Do you self-deprecate?  (i)

Are you aware of your actions?

Are you aware of the positive and negative effects of your actions?

Are you mentally, physically, and spiritually non-destructive of self?
2.3)  Are you conscious of your existence?  (i)
  Answer Questions 2.3 Below: 1 - 29  
5 2.4)  Do you use energy actively?  
6 2.5)  LAWS: Are your self Laws positive or negative?   Answer Questions 2.5 Below: 1 - 3  

I am able to control my energy:

1. I am able to control my emotions and
actions, and I do not act rashly.

2. My actions are precise
2.6)  Are you able to control your force?   (i)
  Answer Questions 2.6 Below: 1 - 4  
  External Effects      

If you steal you harm.
If you conceal theft you also lie.
If you deceive you harm and lie.

Harm is equal to negative words/actions directed towards someone, i.e. yelling, anger towards someone, hitting, threatening to hit, harm, or punish -- even if you believe your negative actions are for their benefit.
2.7a)  Is your Force used for negative or destructive outcomes? (i) 
9  2.7b)  Is your Force used for good, positive outcomes, to Create?   Answer Questions 2.7b Below: 1-3  
10 2.7c)  Control over other beings   Answer Questions 2.7c Below: 1-3  
  Eternal Effect      
11 2.8)  Do you believe you will live, after your death?   
  Question 2.3      
  ??  Your Conscience Level determines your actions. So, what do you do  ??  
1 Do you drink  alcohol? (To the point of excess--headaches, vomiting, memory or job loss,  loss of control of self)  
2 Do you smoke? (To the point of excess--chest pain, coughing up mucus, pain in ribs or breathing, bad odor in house or car; or to the point where you desire to quit, yet continue.)  
3 Do you use drugs that effect the body negatively?  
4 Do you consume foods that effect the body negatively?  
5 Do you over consume food or drugs to the point of physical or mental pain?  
6 When you over-consume any product, do you attempt to rectify the negative effects, but make use of a negative action to rectify the effect? Example: Vomiting the food you have over consumed. Over Consumption = (-), Vomit =(-) | Resulting in two negative actions.  
7 Are you over-weight or obese?  
  How do I know if I am over-weight or obese? - Contact an Assessment Specialist      
8 Do you eat meat, fish, or eggs?  
9 Do you consume milk, cheese, or honey; or any products that contribute to the enslavement of other beings?  
10 Do you consume soda or other products high in sugar content, that is derived unnaturally or in concentrated forms, or products that have been greatly transformed or altered from their original form?  
11 Are you a Vegan (consumption of only fruits, nuts, and/or vegetation) ?  
12 Do you consume food products or beverages including water, tea, or coffee when you are not hungry/thirsty?  
13 Do you consume dead products or products that are not fresh, or in their best state or quality, or have been genetically altered?  
14 Do you consume foods in which, the seeds have been removed, or the item is Genetically Modified?  
  ??  What do you think about yourself  ??      
Would you marry yourself? (Are the actions, thoughts, and behaviors you engage in the same qualities you would desire in a mate for the rest of your life?)  
Are you living up to your full potential?  
Are you Active? (Active and vibrant movement of the body for a least 45 minutes every day)  
Are you actively involved in your community and society?  
Are you actively involved with political issues or events?  
Are you creative: Art, Music, Writing, Etc.?  
Are you advanced in thought? (Do you ask why, how, and process information in an attempt to determine the most positive course of action prior to attempting the action?)  
Do you speak negatively of self?  
Do you inflict physical pain upon yourself?  
Do you allow others to inflict physical or mental pain upon you, or to demoralize you?  
Do you allow others' opinions of you to influence your behavior in a negative manner towards yourself?  
I agree with and/or entertain myself with music, media, or people that/who promote violence, anger, hatred, excess, greed or selfishness.   
Are you jealous of others, or do you compare your-self to others and have negative thoughts?  
Do you  believe you can effect the world positively?  
Do you always perform actions that are constructive and in your and others best interest?  
  Your Positive Negative Percentage:       
  Positive Actions    
  Negative Actions    
  Total Questions:    
  Question 2.5      
  YOUR LAWS:      
1 The thoughts of my mind are usually positive.  
2 When I hear a negative instructional voice in my mind, I act against it.  
3 When I think a negative thought there always seems to be a positive thought option that follows it.   
  Total Possible Points:   3  
  Question 2.6      
1 I do not act on negative impulses.  
2 I do not act out of fear.
3 I  do things with precision to ensure accuracy.  
4 I maintain my focus when acting.
  Total Possible Points:   4  
  Questions 2.7b  
1 Knowledge  
  1) I believe knowledge is important in the process of creating, and make sure I have a clear understanding of potential effects prior to acting.     
  2) I sometimes act or react without having all the necessary information, and sometimes find myself regretting my actions/decisions.    
  3) I don’t care -  I often act or react without having all the necessary information. Just part of life, I don’t regret my actions/decisions.  
2 Process  
  1) I act first and then rely on effects to determine if my actions were right/constructive.  
  2) I always have a plan or course of action, prior to doing anything, that is,  logical and well thought out, to limit negative effects upon myself and others.  
  3) I often have a plan or course of action prior to doing anything, that is, logical and well thought out, that attempts to limit negative effects upon myself and others.  
3 Resources  
  1) I do my best to make sure I use resources wisely, but I am not always able to do so.   
  2) I am not wasteful of natural resources, nor use them if they are destructive of the environment, nor if my usage negatively effects other beings.  
  3) I use the resources at hand regardless of how my usage effects others or the environment.  
  Total Possible Points:   3  
  Question 2.7c      
1 Do you attempt to use negative physical or mental control over other People to make them compliant with your desires or what you think is right, for self-benefit?  
2 Do you attempt to use negative physical or mental control over Children to make them compliant with your desires or what you think is right, for self-benefit?  
3 Do you attempt to use negative physical or mental control over Animals to make them compliant with your desires or what you think is right, for self-benefit?  
  Yes (1)      
  Yes (2) - For Positive Affect and Only if they are in Physical or Mental Danger      
  Total Possible Points:   3  
  Select Next at the top of the screen
  STEP 3  
  3.1 The Renouncements   Select Your Answer  
  Books of the Saviour 102:1-48      
  Instruction: If you have renounced the action,  no longer commit the act, and,  have made an oath to self and God to never engage in the act, select No. Otherwise, select Yes (No = I do not engage in the activity).  
1 Murmuring  
2 Eavesdropping  
3 Litigiousness  
4 False slander  
5 False witness  
6 Pride and haughtiness  
7 Belly-love (Over-Consumption)  
8 Babbling  
9 Craftiness  
10 Avarice  
11 Love of the World (Materialism)  
12 Pillage  
13 Evil Conversation  
14 Wickedness  
15 Pitilessness  
16 Wrath  
17 Cursing  
18 Thieving  
19 Robbery  
20 Slander  
21 Fighting and Strife  
22 All Unknowing  
23 Evil  
24 Sloth  
25 Adultery  
26 Murder  
27 Impiety  
28 Atheism  
29 Magical Potions  
30 Blasphemy  
31 Doctrines of Error  
  Total Possible Points:   31  
  3.2 Your After Life      
  What do you want to happen after your life?
(physical ascension?)
  Select from Options 1-6 below:      
1 I do not wish to Exist.      
2 I do not Know.      
3 I want to live again, on Earth.      
4 I want to be a warrior for Creation which may require negative actions to yield positive effects.      
5 I want to be an Angel of Creation and help with creation, to construct things, but not to destroy anything.      
6 I want to be One with the Creator all knowing, all seeing, all doing.       
  Assessment Completed
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