AdvanCN Membership

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Basic Membership

Basic Membership is for non-declared members who wish to learn more about AdvanCN.


AdvanCN Membership

AdvanCN Membership is a formal process.

Members undergo training in the sacred mysteries and the advanced teachings of Jesus Christ. After a member is fully informed they can take the oath to ensure the advancement of mankind.


Membership Benefits

Basic Membership and AdvanCN Members have access to

  1. Broadcast
  2. Live Online Study Groups
  3. Community Groups for Open Discussions
  4. Support Services


Membership is open and available to all people regardless of gender or race.
Donationa are appreciated and needed. However, there are no minimum or set donation amounts, nor tithes. 


To become a Member - Create an Account



Make donations payable to:


Mail to:

332 South Michigan Ave., Suite 1032-A67
Chicago, IL 60604-4434 


Also See:  
System Core - Foundation Membership   and   Alliance Membership







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