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Amen Code - Evidence Charts



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The evidence in the Amen Code outlines the process for decoding the sacred texts and is controversial. Though it mathematically confirms the existence of multiple universes, parallel dimensions, the Heavens, reincarnation, and the afterlife with the “Predictive Result Standard” science requires, the evidence exposes and at times invalidates the traditional teachings of organized religion.

The Amen Code guides you through the process of deciphering the divine codes within the biblical and Gnostic scriptures so you can confirm for yourself that God sent man a sign of his existence, and a message. 

Then, we will explore the biblical prophecies that reveal the reason the bible was written and decipher the plans that were coded into the Bible. Do the plans reveal the means to stabilize and secure our global social and economic systems? Yes. 

The Bible tells only half of the story, that of the material realm and the Hebrew connection. The ancient Gnostic scriptures found in Egypt tell the rest of the story. And hold within them Jesus’ testimony of the Heavens he descended from, and are used to mathematically confirm the existence of God, the origins of man, the legitimacy of the Bible, and the divine plan for mankind.


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