Mediation Service


Civic and Community Resolutions

Conflict Resolution & Civil: Divorce, Legal, and Contract Disputes

Arbitrator, and Natural Law Scholars ensure fairness based on Logic, Orginal Law, and Jesus' Biblical and Gnostic Principles and ideology to ensure an equitable solution for all parties and stake holders. 

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Marriage and Relationship Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling Services

Individuals, Relationship, Marriage, and Families

Understanding the base problems of your relationships begins with understanding the motivations, beliefs, perspectives, and disassociated logic for the actions and beliefs of the individuals in conflict.

In Person and Live Online Spiritual Counseling Service

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NEW COURSE: Spiritual Healing for Natural Weight Loss and Life Success

Learn everything you need to know for Longer Term Natural Weight Loss, and Spiritual and Conscious Development.

A whole natural approach to healing yourself -- Body Mind and Soul 

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