Note: Please provide exact directions to location and provide a room the evening before with guaranteed payment charged to the master bill.


Client Organization:

Event Name:

Event Site/Location:

Client Contact:

Site Contact (if different):

Number of People Attending:

Group Description:

  • job titles:
  • tenure in current job:
  • average ages:
  • percentage male/female:
  • greatest challenges:

Duration of Session:

Start/Stop/Break Times:

Special Needs Individuals:

Opening/Introduction Person:

What Precedes and Follows this Session:

Audio/Visual Requirements:
__ PowerPoint slides
__ Video
__ Flip Charts/Easels
__ White Board/Chalk Board
__ Lavaliere Mike
__ Podium Mike
__ Laser Pointer


Mode of Dress:

Pre-Session Work for Book Distribution:

Will Evaluation be Used at Conclusion (please provide copy):

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