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If you believe in Heaven and Hell
you believe in
Multiple Universes and Parallel Dimensions


Author: W. Iamwe Ph.D.


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The Bible only tells half the story, that of the material realm, and the Hebrew connection. The ancient Gnostic scriptures found in Upper Egypt tell the rest of the story. And, hold within them Jesus’ testimony of the Heavens he descended from.

The evidence in the Amen Code mathematically confirms God, reveals the Heavens, the Abyss, and the process of ascendance based on Jesus' Biblical and Gnostic teachings, and exposes the corruption of organized religion.

The Amen Code details the process for decoding the sacred texts with the “Predictive Result Standard” science requires. 

The Amen Code guides you through the process of deciphering the sacred codes so you can confirm for yourself the message and the sign God sent to mankind. 



Evidence Charts


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Alpha to Numeric Cipher Solution Calculator:


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Dimensional Plot Chart



Video - Dimensional Plot Chart Construction Process

The Dimensional Plot Chart is used to construct the material realm, and reveals the process of development to perfection.

Once perfection is achieved at Level 24, New Jerusalem can be calculated and represented by the numerical chart.

Reverse engineering of the process of creating the Dimensional Plot Chart, reveals the Heavens, multiple universes and parallel dimensions.

All calculations are based on Jesus' Biblical and Sacred Gnostic teachings.  


New Jerusalem

Dimensional Plot Chart - Level 24amen code cover bhalf





The numerical New Jerusalem, in scientific terms, is a Dimensional Plot Chart that makes use of Einstein's Unified Field Theory (string theory); with each unified field cell representative of a number.

Construction of the Dimensional Plot Chart (DPC) is based on Jesus' Biblical teachings and the codes within the Gnostic scriptures Pistis Sophia and the Sophia Wisdom of Jesus Christ.

The Dimensional Plot Charts (DPC) for the Material Realm range from 1 to 24 (charts 1 to 9 are animated below).
At Chart Level 24, Numerical New Jerusalem is formed based on the prophecies within Revelation. 

And the twenty-four elders, who were seated on their thrones before God, fell on their faces and worshiped God  saying..." you have taken your great power and have begun to reign...”  Revelation 11:16 

It came to pass, when Jesus had risen from the dead, that he passed eleven years discoursing with his disciples, and instructing them only up to the regions of the First Commandment and up to the regions of the First Mystery, that within the Veil, within the First Commandment, which is the four-and-twentieth mystery without and below--those [four-and-twenty] which are in the second space of the First Mystery which is before all mysteries,--the Father in the form of a dove.

Pistis Sophia - - GNOSTIC CODEX Chapter 1 

The Crossroads

The crossing into material existence from the Heavens

Click to view animation full scale:



Animation of Dimensional Plot Charts 1 to 9 reveal the crossing from the anti-matter realm (heavens) into material existence.

Level eight of the Dimensional Plot Chart can represent anything in the material realm.

12 Apostles' Name Count Totals: 74 

12 apostles


12 Tribes of Israel (Sealed by God - Revelation 7)

Name Count - Totals: 74

tribe of levi


12 Tribes of Israel (Moses Allocation)

Name Count - Totals: 74






The alpha to numeric conversion of the names of the twelve tribes of Israel and Jesus' twelve Apostles are used to confirm the numbers on the walls and gates of numerical New Jerusalem, as detailed in Revelation 21:12-14.


The names of the twelve tribes of Israel and the twelve Apostles are converted with use of a new alpha to numeric conversion system similar to the Hebrew gematria system. This new system makes use of the decipherment key of Revelation 13:11-18, the Name and Number of Name of the 666 Beast.

“…No one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name. 
Revelation 13:17

This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man’s number. His number is 666. Revelation 13:18

Reverse engineering of the process used to construct New Jerusalem's Dimensional Plot Chart reveals the Heavens and the Realms of Hades and is confirmed by Jesus' scared Gnostic teachings.

After the evidence is provided and mathematically confirmed, the biblical codes that reveal the plan for global economic and social security are decoded and confirmed.

Then, Plan 360 – Global Economic and Social Security, is outlined based on the divine plan.  

Multi-Dimension Expanse

multidimension expanse 01




After the realms are constructed one is able to view the pathway from the heavens to the earth, and from the earth to Hades.


Evidence Examples

The charts reveal dimensions. The dimensions reveal plans... 

Chart Interrelation

- Interaction Flow Diagram -


Earth Realm (the Eighth)  Dimensional Plot Chart

In accord with Jesus' sacred teachings:

...Now whoever knows Immortal Spirit of Light in silence,
through reflecting and consent in the truth, let him bring me signs of the Invisible One,
and he will become a light in the Spirit of Silence.
Whoever knows Son of Man in knowledge and love,
let him bring me a sign of Son of Man,
that he might depart to the dwelling-places with those in the Eighth... 
 Sophia of Jesus Christ – Par. 46

The 9th Gate - Proof of the Multiverse

- Multiple Universes and Dimensions - 

The Eternal Kingdoms - The Tree of Life

- Enables Immortality -

Sphere of the Gnostic Codex

- Pistis Sophia - Chapter 138 -


First House of the Sphere of The Heavens

Cipher and Time of the Gods

- Jesus's Gnostic Teachings - Pistis Sophia Chapter 139 - 
first order sphere

...The plans reveal the prophecies. The prophecies reveal the true plans for mankind's social and economic systems... 


An example of the decoded prophecies

The Flying scroll of Zechariah 5.

When the proper conversion method is used The Flying Scroll, is the circumference and diameter of a true circle 360 x 180, which enables the scroll to literally cover the land (earth), as the prophecy states:

"I see a flying scroll 20 cubits long and ten cubits wide...this is the curse that is going out over the whole land..."


The whole land is the whole world. The world is a sphere, and thus can be represented by the numbers 360 x 180.

Numbers are the decrypting codes for the Bible. 

One must have insight to see and understand the text. We must see through the eyes of the ancients to unravel the mysteries with logic then confirm our logic with mathematics.

The Bible's, Flying Scroll Prophecy has baffled theologians for centuries - This finding, as well as numerous others, are examined in detail, in The Amen Code textbook and the video series.

The means by which the biblical text and Gnostic scriptures were coded proves the ancients had advanced intelligence and pocessed knowledge that far exceeds the knowledge we have today.

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