MISSION 1 of 2: Advancement and Ascendance of Mankind



Ensure you have a clear understanding of your divine rights and the actions required to heal yourself and thereby, our world.


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Version Update and Video Series Scheduled for Release: August 2019

Subject Matter Overview

Angels Gods Lords and Demons

Case for Intelligent Design

Complexity to Simplicity – Devolution

Computers Science and Divine Interconnection (CSDI)


Corruption of the Churches

Decoding the Mysteries

Doctrines of Error

Egyptian Connection - The Pyramids

Eschatology - death, judgment, and fate of the soul

Infinity - Location of the True State

Invisible to Visible

Multiple Universes - The Multiverse

New Jerusalem

Parallel Dimensions

Process of Ascension

Process of Creation


Seal of God

Sign of Son of Man

Social and Economic Solutions

Suffering and Pain

The Heavens

The Mark of the Beast

The Plan for Mankind

The Prophets

Theory of Everything (TOE)

Unified Field Theory



The Amen Code delineates the decipherment of Jesus’ sacred teachings

  • Pistis Sophia
  • The Sophia (Wisdom) of Jesus Christ
  • Discourse on the Eighth and Ninth - the Eighth Reveals the Ninth (author unknown)
  • The New Testament
  • and, the visions of Revelation


Mathematical evidence is provided to confirm 

  • Jesus' Biblical and Sacred Gnostic Teachings
  • New Jerusalem of Revelation 21      link
  • The Sign of Son of Man     link
  • The Seal of God     link
  • The Gates of the Heavens     link
  • Multiple Universes and Parallel Dimensions     link


Decipherment of the Biblical Mysteries

  • The Flying Scroll
    Confirmation of the cure for our Social and Economic Systems. Zechariah 5:1-4
  • The Golden Lampstand
    Decoding of the building of the House of Iniquity and the Golden Lampstand (the Seven Eyes of the Lord)
  • The Mystery of Babylon the Great
    Union of all nations for the fulfillment of the promised peace and the building of the Iron Scepter, the Seven Eyes of God, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, that AdvanCN terms the System Core.



The Amen Code guides you through the process of deciphering the divine codes within biblical and sacred scripture so you can confirm for yourself, that God sent man a sign of his existence, and a message.

Then, the biblical prophecies that reveal the reason the bible was written are explored and the plans that were coded into the Bible deciphered.

Do the plans reveal corruption of the Churches? Errors within the Bible? The means to stabilize and secure our global social and economic systems? A New World Order? --  Yes.


Master Class Live Online and Video Series

The Master Class video series will guide you step-by-step through the process of deciphering the codes within the biblical and sacred scriptures, so you can confirm for yourself the divine signs that prove the existence of God, your divine authority, and your inalienable rights.


The live online 8-week course and video series are donation based. Learn More at: http://AmenCode.com. 

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