The time when wrong is distorted and viewed as right and justified with disinformation, will end.

To prevent our joint destruction (mortal and eternal), our new world must be forged in peace.

AdvanCN's plan for the development of the System Core is not revolution nor a declaration of war against any state nor nation, it is the righting of corruption and ill logic without chaos, and without the destruction of, and forced seizure of, public and private property.

Peace cannot be obtained if we make use of hatred, anger, and destruction.

AdvanCN's plan is a declaration of social evolution, one forged with peace, logic, the proper functioning of systems, and the assurance of security for all mankind, based on Orginal/Natural/God's Laws.

We welcome your participation if you desire peace and a system that utilizes the intellect of mankind to ensure justice for all beings.

Negatives cannot be altered without infusion of positive action,  ( -1 + -1 = -2 ) and ( -1 x -1  is not +1) but equates to multitudes of negative ones.

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