MISSION 2 of 2: To ensure Justice and Equality


Strategic Solutions for Systemic Reform


What is the System Core?

The System Core is the interdependent systems and applications for transparent governance.
It is composed of seven core systems (see image to right).


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The Strategic Plan Includes:

  • A Standardize Global Compensation System to ensure the payment of fair wages for all members of society, and systems to accurately determine the True Cost of Production for the stabilization of prices.
  • A dual Monetary and Earned Equity economic system to ensure money has true value, to prevent financial collapse, and to end poverty.
  • Global Debt Cancelation, Settlement, and Reconciliation plans for individual and household debt, and the settlement of debt for cities, states and nations; and international debt settlement, to ensure the end of enslavement through debt for this generation and future generations. 
  • A global resource partition plan that ensures international trade without exploitation and without the need of military occupation, nor war.
  • A plan to end dependency on corporations for the payment of wages and the provision of health and retirement benefits. 
  • Methods and tools to end political and social corruption that serve to build and preserve social alliances. 
  • Truly Free, Fair, and Open Markets.
  • The inclusion of Global and Local Labor Unions and Trade Guilds that protect the rights of the Labor Force without the worry of fair compensation arguments that hinder corporate and labor relations.
  • A system that upholds the Rights of the Individual and sets those Rights as a Primary Focus to ensure equality for all people.
  • Much Much More...


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Example: Willit Monetary System

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Wages issued through National and Global Compensation and Transaction Administrations (GCTA), ensures fair compensation regardless of nationality, race, or gender.

Willits never deflate or inflate in value and ensure price stability for all products and services. Willits are naturally produced and prevent wealth concentration and unfair advantage. Willits are backed by your energy output, and the energy output of all members of society, and cannot be arbitrarily created and distributed, and thus ends fiat currency. Willits have an auditable trail to ensure accurate accounting and reporting on the true state of economic output and efficiency.

The Willit Monetary System prevents slave labor, wage slavery, and unfair trade practices.

Click the screen (below) to interact with the calculations to determine your annual wage, life-time earnings cap, and if applicable, reparations for labor force wage abuses.

willit tablet



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