AdvanCN is a divine order, education institute, and a developer of social and economic initiatives.

Our mission is to unify believers for a peaceful reformation of unjust laws, policies, and exploitive monetary, economic, and social systems to enable fulfillment of the promised peace, and to ensure the advancement and ascendance of mankind, regardless of religious designation, race, nationality, or gender. 

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Amen Code

The Amen Code is the decipherment of the advanced teachings and mysteries Jesus taught his disciples prior to his death and upon his resurrection.

The discourse delineates the mathematical revelation of the existence of the heavens and God.

And, supports the belief that Jesus came to impart knowledge to mankind for our salvation and to enlighten mankind to the doctrines and ideology of error.


Advancian – Systemic Reform Solutions

AdvanCN’s second manifesto, details strategic solutions for social and economic justice that will help to remove the yoke of debt and interest and systemic injustice to ensure all God’s children have the social and economic systems that will ignite man’s best nature, so that we may heal ourselves and our world.


When one understands the sacred and advanced teachings of Jesus Christ, one understands that the ideology of acceptable corruption and exploitation is not the system God desires for his children, nor should it be the foundations societies are built upon. AdvanCN's goal is not to build temples of worship to God, who already knows our hearts, but systems and processes that are compliant with the constructive effects of Divine Law that will ensure justice, prevent poverty, and remove the counterfeit spirit from mankind that which allows, accept, and justifies corruption and abuses.


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